Couleur locale store visit in Knokke

Although I love design, and all things raw and black maybe even a bit more, there is also a side of me that loves to add some natural touches to my home, but most of all I want items to tell a story. A beautiful basket or pot sourced abroad, a lamp that shows clearly the material it is made off and ceramics you can imagine the artisan shaping it into the right form.

We do not all have the opportunity to travel around the world but luckily some people have made it their job, sourcing for outstanding pieces often coming from different craftsman. Ruth and her husband Hendrik of Couleur Locale are passionated ‘light travellers’   

Ruth: “Departing for travels and still having to pack my luggage an hour before the taxi arrives has become a habit. We have truly adopted the concept of “light travelers”, very handy for the outbound trip however for the return trip “heavily loaded burden animals” is the more applicable term for us.

Packing this late definitely isn’t recommended. It’s just the consequence of combining 3 stores, 2 web-shops, a blog, a wholesale, 5 children, 3 cats… It remains a source of stress although, luckily, I can shrug it off in the taxi and laugh about the situation afterwards.”

Couleur Local – Knokke

The Couleur Locale location in Knokke I am showing you a sneak peek off on the blog today shows a mix of vintage and design from all over the world and stands for ‘globetrotting inspiration for your home’. Next to the brick stores there is also a webshop where you can find a lot of the items Ruth and her husband personally selected during their travels. 

The fact that Ruth takes little with her when travelling she could recommend to all of us. You actually need a lot less than what you would think when traveling, something which actually also holds true in everyday life as well.

Surrounding yourself only with the things you really love and with objects that actually tell a story from the maker or its country is therefore something I still believe in. The store is beautiful redesigned by Henrik who is  an architect and breaths their travels and the colours from the different African countries they love to travel to.

Find the store at Lippenslaan 275,8300 Knokke-Heist in Belgium.

Couleur Locale also has a large childrens collection and I couldn’t ignore this beautiful scenery…. the wall and that baby bed are just amazing don’t you think! I earlier wrote about the Couleur Locale bed linen in my latest bedroom makeover and I could really recommend their bedlinen, have a look: Bedlinen in different shades of grey from Couleur Conceptstore

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styling Cleo Scheulderman | photography Jeroen van der Spek