Five minimalist bookends that caught my eye

Selecting products for a personal Trend report the other day I came across the bookends above and I thought it would be nice to look around and see if I could find any other bookends that look as sculptural as these by Ferm Living.

Although I am not reading that many books nowadays, I sold or gave away most of my books except for a few that mean a lot to me or are great to look at, obviously mostly interior and photography books as you can imagine. Off the books that I have, I love to add a few on exposure. Mostly they end upon on one of my tables or a window sill, I am blessed with deep window sills on one side of my home which I really love.

Using bookends I just only did when I had cupboards filled with books but the ones showing today deserve to be in the spotlight in your home as they are made of beautiful material and all have a minimalistic shape I love. The ‘Luru Bookends’ by Ferm Living pictured above in black and white marble not only keep your books stay in place but also look great when standing alone I think.

One of my favourite designers is Henry Wilson and his 
sand-cast gunmetal bronze ‘Fin bookends‘ come in two sizes and will oxidize and darken over time, to restore a like-new finish they can be polished.

Granit bookends by Silje Nesdal are made from leftover granite stone after the process of making tombstone monuments. The sharp edges stands in contrasts to the visual softness and the playful colors in the granite. The stones are utilizing their natural weight, so the granite bookends stand firm. These bookends give a new purpose to material that would otherwise be discarded. 

‘Tulum‘  is a real object that even standing alone is a nice addition to your bookshelf, found via Wallpaper store and designed by Elad Yifrach for L’Objet. Inspired by Mayan history and architecture, L’Objet’s ‘Tulum‘ collection fully embraces the brand’s design approach whereby international influences are reinterpreted with a contemporary aesthetic. The ‘Cubisme’ bookend is a flawless demonstration of this, managing to look at once ancient and modern, with its geometric forms, sharp angles and abstract features.” 

Sculpture’ by Kristina Dam consists of two marble pieces that forms the two bases of this bookend, when you place your books in between the bookends blends in and become almost invisible.

Pictures via the respective designers