A first furniture collection by Vipp

We started this year photographing the Vipp kitchen in the new hotel concept of Vipp, and stayed in both their rooms: The loft in Copenhagen and the amazing shelter in Sweden, a first trip we still talk about often, see an impression in our portfolio and travel section at w/ Style. Both rooms were completely furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, lighting and more accessories from the Vipp range. Projects like the Vipp Hotel has prompted Vipp’s desire to develop a line furniture to inhabit these spaces.

Vipp is about to launch a full range of furniture, a big move into the furniture category where sofas, chairs, coffee tables, lounge chairs, and rugs will enter the Vipp collection during the first half of 2019 available in selected stores. 

Upscaling from accessories to furniture comes as a natural next step for Vipp. Fusing its 80 years of heritage in steel manufacturing and tool-maker tradition with a desire to explore more organic materials like textiles, stoneware and wood. I am curious to see more of the collection soon.