A table setting with coffee & pears by Our food Stories

It’s no secret I really love the selected furniture pieces by Frama and I don’t think there is any other blog I read where the furniture is used as often as at the kitchen of Our food stories. That’s one thing I like about reading their stories, second must be our common love for good food ánd following a gluten free diet, something I try to keep up with as much as possible and regret about neglecting at least twice a month. 

I love reading their recipes which always go hand in hand with inspiring photography, often shot in a moody atmosphere I feel very comfortable with next to the minimal, bright and almost serenity effect the Frama collection has on me. Many recipes are collected in their book Dialogue, see an earlier post about the book here: Dialogue

Recently they teamed up with Nespresso and created an autumn menu with the new Master Origin Coffees. You might think why am I sideways ‘promoting’ Nespresso in this post, but the thing is I really love Nespresso and recently bought my second coffee maker after the first one stopped working after fifteen years!

On Our food Stories you will find the recipes made with 2 flavours of the new Master Origin Series, which inspired them for a two course menu. A different cloud above the table was created by Mary Lennox and although I personally am all done with that one pampas feather popping up in many stylings and blogs, I do appreciate an installation like the one shown here.

Pictures courtesy Our Food Stories