Concentric light fixture by New York Allied maker

Choosing new lighting for an existing home is something I find rather difficult and I am totally aware I am missing out on the right light plan at home. I know it is important, but I see it more as a task for new homes where you have the possibility to build in basic lights and work from there. For my own home, as said, it is something I am always struggling with. I did got myself some new lights recently which I hope to show you soon, meanwhile I keep drooling over the most beautiful lights I come across and I love to share my latest discovery with you today!

Allied Maker is an New York based design and manufacturing studio offering artisan crafted, highly engineered, sophisticated yet simple lighting design solutions. I totally love their use of natural materials such as Brass, Glass, and Hardwoods along with a love for artisan craftsmanship.

Concentric’ is a handcrafted dome made out brass and American hardwood in different finishes, from bleached ash to blackened oak. Falling in love with most of their design, it was hard to choose which light fixture to show on the blog and I recommend you to have a look at the website to see their amazing collection here Allied Maker.

pictures courtesy Allied Maker