A kitchen with a Japanese touch | Liljencrantz for Kvänum

My dear friend Per Olav just just shared these pictures of the new Kvänum kitchen by Swedish designer Louise Liljencrantz with me. Liljencrantz for Kvänum is the latest addition to the brands contemporary segment. The chord is rustic and stylish on a theme of natural materials like wood and stone, Louise describes her concept as Old Victorian manor goes Japan!

It is a kitchen begging for space, enough room to accommodate large volumes and massif materials. In her own decisive manner she created a timeless concept of straight lines and right angles, something I personally really love. 
There are mainly bottom cabinets with carriages and drawers, I am also planning this for my own new kitchen. 

I love to have a work base that is minimalistic and that I can keep uncluttered, with just only maybe a coffee machine, and another cabinet to storage cups and plates, linen and other things needed that can be a bit more messy and a mix of materials. I could personally never live in a kitchen that hasn’t got a corner that shows some herbs and garlic, cooking books and that encourage me to prepare some delicious food. In this kitchen a large cabinet in oak with glass doors is chosen for storage. 

pictures courtesy Kvänum