Three lighting ideas for your kitchen

Large ceiling lights are growing on me, for the moment I am perfectly happy with the string of Christmas lights around the metal rod above my kitchen table but once I finished my new kitchen design in a few months hopefully, I will definitely choose a new light. Recently I came a few times across the model in the picture above made by mk design studio. I think it is a real eye catcher. Glass light fixtures in general are still winning on popularity and I have seen many new brands and established brands expanding  their collecting with opal or smoked glass light fixtures over the last few years.  

The 2065 by Gino Sarfatti is a stylish lamp designed in 1950 At that time, the favoured material of the lighting industry was glass. But when Gino Sarfatti received the first samples of methacrylate in 1949–50, a new polymer plastic that was much stronger and lighter than glass, his experiments led him to a new suspension lamp, Model 2065. The luminaire was relaunched by Astep in 2016

An all time favourite brand of mine for years is Flos and being aware I should use more round shapes at home a real good option would also be the IC Light suspension, here pictured in the kitchen of Elisabeth Heijer, many of these beautiful lights though look way better in homes with high ceilings like heres, something I need to keep in mind when making looking into lamps as a fifty centimeters can make a big difference, anyway one can keep dreaming right and I am also showing this as it might inspire you!

I love a bit of drama at home and a dream brand of mine is definitely Apparatus, Cloud is one of the most amazing lamps I know, I would need some serious saving up though for it like with most exclusive design. I visited their store in Milan last year, have a look here if you would like to see more of the Apparatus studio in Milan.

One of the most popular light fixtures of the last years might be the simple bulb, and I love how these lights came back in our homes. I have to admit that when I first came into this home I bought two simple light fixtures for the toilet and bathroom and I never changed them, I think they might have been not even 5 euro each but they still work and are even on trend.  Menu has a clever system for new house owners who want to quickly instal a real eye catcher at their home I wrote about it earlier in this post Five lighting ideas 

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