Become a 2019 Travel w/ Style partner

In my first post of the year I gave you a little sum up of a fantastic first year of collaborating on a regular base with BeeldSTEIL and our w/ Style agency. I am so happy to have a friend and business partner in my life to talk and make new plans with. Collaborating is so much more fun and not only because of the styling and photography sessions we both love, also our travel related collaborations bring us lots of joy, travelling is something we both love a lot.

We are talking with different partners to setup collaborations with in the new year, I am really thankful for their trust in us! Our first two travels of the year are booked as well, just like last year we will be working with selected travel destinations and brands. We are always on the look for new accessories to make life on the road more easy and comfortable, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have the ultimate accessory for us to take with us on the road, that would also fit our travel page

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