C Penthouse by Vincent Van Duysen

C Penthouse is a minimal residential apartment project in Antwerp, Belgium, designed by Vincent Van DuysenThe concept of the project was to create an ‘urban loft’ that retains the rawness of construction, yet encompasses a complete finish and feeling of comfort. 

The concrete ceiling and rough timber refer to the historical warehouses, which have an architectural presence in the surrounding quay and the city. The project has strong architectural qualities within a residential apartment context. The sculptural architectonic approach corresponds to the Abstract Expressionist art collection of the owner. 

The walls and floors are finished in the same material to a rigorous standard of detail for a sober and textural appearance. The material selection is a manifestation of the grey tones of the River Scheldt and its quayside, as well as referring to the Arte Povera movement, in which driftwood, metal, earth and concrete were used.  

Photography by Koen Van Damme