A daybed different from all other

A daybed different from any other I have seen so far! Looking at the different parts it strangely enough reminded me of sunny days on the beach where I love to find a real big stone to lay my head on. The daybed, recently presented at Venice Design is a collaborative piece created by textile artist Alexandra Kohl and furniture designer J.M. Szymanski and made out of carved blackened and waxed steel, marble, leather and horsehair. It were the tassels that caught my eye as I recognized one of the trends spotted in Milan where we saw lots of tassels.

Weaving and blacksmithing are ancient trades; each requiring patience, hand craftsmanship, and an appreciation for slow tools. In this work, woven horsehair fabric and hand-forged iron are combined with carved stone to create a contrast of elements. The marble “pillows”, made withCNC technology, bring a contemporary prescriptive to traditional craft using Artificial Intelligence.

pictures via Alexandra with thanks