A modern House in the Woods

Last week I showed you the beautiful blogger apartment with the bronze partition wall, how amazing was that right! Have a look here in case you missed it: A minimal bronze partition wall in a high end apartment | Trends ’19 Today I love to show you another project by talented Luxury Interior Designer Ula Burgiel

We all feel the need to escape the city sometimes and as Ula says: “If you’re a city dweller like me, you’ll certainly understand the need for a bit of greenery in your life” Living next to the Thames, Ula often goes for walks along it’s river banks and branch off into the nearest woodland areas. It is the calming influence of nature, which, inspired her for her latest design – the modern house in the woods, a calm, beautiful space which would help relax and inspire.

How Nature shaped the Interior Design Idea
Creating the interiors of this modern house in the woods was a great experience Ula explains: “To complement the serenity of the place I needed to stay true to natural materials and simplicity of the outdoor life. As a result reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced fabrics were an obvious choice.

As I always start my interior design process with research, the colours of the interiors become a reflection of the beautiful surroundings. They’re are complemented also by the saturated colours of the changing seasons. Surrounded by the hills, the uneven terrain inspired me to divide the interior into zones with different floor levels. Hence you need to climb a few steps to get from the lounge space to the dining space. It adds a bit of drama and reflects the shape of the nearby hills”

The Outdoor Experience
The interior design and the architecture concept is based on an outdoor – indoor experience. Big floor-to-ceiling windows make you feel like you are camping outside while keeping all the luxuries of a modern house.

Pictures sent to me by Ula Burgiel with thanks