A Japanese restaurant and some thoughts on low dining

Improvising at home with alternatives for a countertop and dining table I have been thinking a lot about low dining. To create a bit of a home feeling I added my very first dining table, bought when I was 19, to my kitchen. A table that has gone through different moments in my life and looks…. natural wood and layers of bee wax…shabby chic white till all black and cut off legs.

Although I really love a huge table to gather around, I somehow really loved the laid back feeling the low black and not to big table added to my kitchen and it makes me think of what it was exactly the thing I love about it. Is it the story the table tells or is it the old and imperfect wooden tabletop and is it maybe  time to replace my metal table for something different. Time will tell and I might even leave the low table and the out of proportion look for a while, have a look at this Instagram picture if you want to see what I mean.

Low dining is something I first experienced in Belgium, have a look at the wonderful restaurant I visited la Cuchara | Dining experience in Lommel Dining in a relaxt atmosphere like this is a bit more relaxt than my own version but I might find something in between! The pictures sent to me by the owners of Crioll design studio of Uk restaurant Uchi I also find a great inspiration and I will definitely find a way to add some curtains like used here at my home or in a shoot one day! 

pictures by Crioll design with thanks