Discovering Japan through Instagram & Tokyo city Guide by Kinfolk

I don’t know about you but for me visiting Japan is high on my bucket list! Following the Stories on Instagram from people being in Japan is something I really enjoy especially if design is involved. Norm architects, as did Staffan Holm worked with Ariake during workshops in Morodami, South Japan posting beautiful pictures off including some on the road.

Closer to home Dutch Mae Engelgeer is currently living in Japan for a few months together with her family, we briefly talked about her stay ánd about our common love for Furoshiki when meeting in Milan earlier this year. I simply love following her journey on Instagram and get an impression from the residence she lives, the surroundings and her work with different craftsmanship, follow her here!

Following people like Mae and other creatives is so much more inspiring for me than reading any official city guide. Also it gives me many ideas for new things to try out in my own home, like the curtains in the last pictures, something you might have noticed in another way in the pictures from my last post: A Japanese restaurant and some thoughts on low dining 

A city guide I would concern though is the Kinfolk Tokyo special that just hit shelves worldwide…. 

Kinfolk: “With Kinfolk’s Tokyo Special now on shelves around the world, we wanted to share highlights of the magazine’s 18-page City Guide, which we hope will help you carve a thoughtful path through the Japanese capital—and find space to breathe along it. From an old-fashioned kissaten to a rice shop revitalizing a once-shuttered neighborhood, the guide serves as a prompt to consider the Japanese capital as our local editors Mako and Kota experience it: as a city of navigable neighborhoods, courteous codes and cutting-edge culture” 

Also Suitcase magazine has many great articles on Japan

pictures @maeengelgeer