About Spaces and how they are created

There’s been a lot of talking about painting and kitchens on the blog lately, and I hope to finish the first work and painting before Summer holiday’s. Sometimes it takes time to make the final plans, but what I have learned over the years is that my first idea always is the best and eventually I will always come back to what felt best at first.

Talking with Niels Strøyer Christophersen (founder of Frama) some time ago about my kitchen and my fight between light and dark he told me: “Sometimes the space decides and not us…if the space decide.. what would it choose do you think” Definitely food for thought and such a good way to approach a space, don’t you think? With this in mind I thought the new Frama space above the store perfectly showed how the team gave the old building lots of room to speak and shown its history.

Bare walls, a small corridor and different rooms, including a small quest apartment with a kitchen and bathroom and lots of space to work. A space with a perfect imperfect look, I hope you will have the chance to experience your self some time when in Copenhagen.

pictures ©vosgesparis