Late Summer bedroom inspiration and thoughts

After a few weeks in Sardinia together with my family, I am back home again and will force myself to take up things again in the coming weeks… No need to say, I enjoyed every minute being back at my second home. As far as I remember I never stayed two full weeks without posting anything on the blog, or looking on Instagram only now and then, in the last few years.

It felt really good to be three weeks away from home and enjoying that much time offline together with my kids and their partners. We hadn’t been on holiday together as a family in years and it made me realize again how much I love their company and how little time we actually spent together during the year besides our occasional dinner meetups. Staying in the same home for a longer period is something we all really enjoyed.

Luckily back in Holland, Summer hasn’t finished yet and I am full of energy to finish the different projects at home. I have a few nice travels coming up in September, sadly also had to cancel a cool trip to Valencia I couldn’t finalize from my holiday address without wifi but all good things to come. Half September I will be at Incoda where Wen and I will be covering the show and tell more about how we work as w/ Style. Also stay tuned for the reveil of the contest winners in the #Beingathome challenge in collaboration with The German furniture Association next week on the blog!

The best of coming home….
I don’t know about you but t
he best thing of coming back home after a holiday is definitely to sleep in your own bed don’t you think! Nothing can beat our own cushions and sleeping on our own mattresses under the bedding we selected ourselves.

With this in mind, the pictures styled by Kirsten Visdal and Per Olav Sølvberg at the event for the press release of well established Norwegian brand Høie caught my eye. The concept «Bedtime Stories» was launched as an art exhibition – and each styling had its unique story – telling the story of different personalities: The dreamer. The environmentalist. Look at me! Future. Split. Ascetic. Freedom. Who am I? More pictures of the press event by Høie can be found at Elisabeth Heijer. 

Styling Kirsten Visdal and Per Olav Sølvberg | Photography Dag Randen 

The architecture of the building is by Vera Wyller. And sculptures in tree are by Sverre Wyller. Fotos are by Dag Randen. Please credit.