Spaces Designed for the Senses | ‘The Touch’ by Kinfolk and Norm Architects

As a huge admirer of the work of Vincenzo de Cotiis, spotting the image of his home in Milan, earlier featured on the blog here: Palazzo Milanese from Vincenzo de Cotiis, can only be a harbinger that we are dealing with a great new book filled with outstanding interiors. ‘The Touch’ is the first book to emerge from the longstanding friendship and creative partnership between Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams and Jonas Bjerre Poulsen of Norm Architects, both people I love for their good taste and design.

‘The Touch’ is a 288 pages book and exploration of human-centric design published by gestalten. Stunning photography, interviews and over 25 selected interiors that exemplify how haptic design elements can provide a richer quality of living.The Touch also details philosophical and art history references that reflect the tradition of design and color theory.

I personally can’t wait to see the book with my own eyes and get inspired by the different interiors. The Touch is available for pre-order via the Kinfolk store and in stores worldwide from October 10th.

Pictures Norm Architects