Infini bed by Belgian designers Nill Spring

Remember my post about that amazing headboard in which I talked about the use of narrow wooden slats at home and showed some examples, including a table and kitchen island. I had to think of this again after spotting ‘Infini‘ one of the box springs by Belgian Nill Spring.

Nill Spring got the inspiration for this model from two natural elements: the infinity of water and the durability of wood. The signature of Infini is the harmoniously wavy structure that surrounds the box spring and gives its unique shape and made me want to find out more about it. I think it is really different and excellent for standing alone in a room as the curved backside creates a cozy and secure feeling even when a wall behind the bed is missing.

Nill Spring is the result of the combination of many years of experience and expertise. For over four generations, the Cornille family shares the knowhow and passion for the manufacture of box springs.

In 2006, Frank Cornille and Guy Dupont developed Nill Spring. The partners brought together their expertise and passion for sleeping comfort and started a flourishing business. Guy Dupont’s many years of technical experience and sense for innovation and handmade customisation results in an impressive collection of box springs and mattresses. Text:Nill Spring

pictures courtesy Nill SPring