An amazing headboard and more ideas on how to use wood at home

I have been saving up some images on my laptop lately, not knowing what for actually other than I liked them, the pictures below are in my folder for quite some time, one of them shows the kitchen from a project by Claire Cousins Architects and I think I loved saving it as it reminds me of one of my favourite tables  spotted at imm last January.

I had to think of them and the use of wood to complement furniture that we use every day, after seeing the picture above at Fantastic Frank where a huge headboard is made out of narrow wooden slats, it adds some casual chic feeling to the room, don’t you think.

At the project by Claire Cousins Architects semi-circular strips are used aound the kitchen island. The first time this kind of strips caught my eye was at Habitare in Helsinki where I made some picture of a wall in a room styled by Anna Pirkola, pictured below, someone told me they bought the wood at the hardware store where they are sold per meter…

Pictures 1-2 by fantastic frank | 3 via Claire Cousins | 4-5-vosgesparis