Minimal bathroom design in bronze | Elance by Paulina Neiser

“Elance” is a design of bathroom fittings designed by Paulina Neiser, who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. And I think it is one of the most beautiful tap and shelf in one I have maybe ever seen! Also a shower head and taps are part of the collection, all to be found at Paulina Neiser

During her studies, she discovered her passion for metals and their color reactions within the oxidation process. The bathroom fittings are designed to be touched by the user and the water, in order to create color changes on the material. Water flows through the angled slit in the shelf and the same angle and curves appear in the taps and shower head, uniting the collection, emphasizing the flow of water and inviting users to touch them.

Nowadays consumers want to change or replace broken items quite often. This creates a huge amounts of waste, which then mostly cannot be fully recycled. In order to prevent waste of both the consumer and the industry, Paulina Neiser designed a bathroom fitting made from sustainable and recyclable material, such as copper, brass and bronze making each object unique and personal due their changing colours over time. The personal touch of individual changes of color makes every piece unique and makes it become more beautiful and vivid over time and through touch.
Text: Paulina Neiser

Picture Femke Reijerman | Design Academy Eindhoven

pictures via Paulina Neiser with thanks