The Slow Beirut by Frama Studio

After opening the Frama studio store in Mexico, Frama brings their interior design ánd collection to Beirut, Lebanon where they designed The Slow, is a new café and concept store. In close collaboration with its commissioner, the location has been transformed from an old traditional café to a new contemporary concept store.

The Slow hosts visitors who desire to spend time in a space by eating, shopping or working by oneself or with company. The store realizes the life-long dream of commissioner Sari Kassouf, an architect with a repertoire dominated by residential projects, now turned concepteur. Being the first of its kind to take place in its area, the slow living concept store exceeds the expectations of the city’s café culture by offering more than a typical café; but a space for leisure, work and shopping.

The project has been executed with the aims of creating a calm atmosphere zoned for various activities from socializing for a quick coffee to a longer stay hang out. The architecture of the space is characterized by open spAces pronounced by grids of interesting textures in a muted color palette. Exclusively furnished with tables, seats, lightning and kitchen units from Frama; the space fashioned to be minimal and soft with a muted color palette. It features a shop, café, working space, meeting room and terrace.

The Slow is located at Khalil Badawi Street, Asfahan, Beirut, Libanon.

All pictures via Frama