In Dialogue | Ark Journal x Fredericia exhibition

Being introduced to Ark Journal first in Milan earlier this year, the magazine has quickly become one of my favourites of the moment. I have to admit that their beautiful covers are certainly helping as well, the latest issue had several covers to choose from. I love how the magazine collaborates with different brands, for the release of their second issue they collaborated with Studio Jung and Frama. Find the beautiful images of the NY launch at the blog here: Launch of Ark Journal volume II & A selected by for Frama.

‘In Dialogue’ is a group exhibition curated by Henriette Noermark, in collaboration with Fredericia Furniture and Ark Journal. The exhibition explores the heritage and legacy of Fredericia Furniture’s classic Danish designs. See some pictures from my visit to Fredericia earlier this year here
At Fredericia’s showroom a selection of Danish and international artists and designers engage in conversation across rooms and surfaces, disciplines and generations, materials and perspective. Sculptural, organic shapes and an emphasis on materiality and structure are pervasive elements in the exhibited works, furthering the scope and scale of this dialogue. The works share the notion of quality, craftsmanship and the aim to create and nourish a sensuous bond between object and viewer, a sentiment which is also distinct in the Fredericia Furniture brand. 
Visit the exhibition till December 19 at the  Fredericia Showroom in Copenhagen

Photography Wichmann Bendsten via Fredericia