3 Ferm Living favourites as seen at imm 2020

I loved Ferm Living’s approach to Low living, a laid back style in earthy colours and a sofa to never get out… while being surrounded by earthy tones and the countless new design objects at imm this year! It was a real fest for the eyes old design in new colours and many new additions to the ever expanding Ferm Living collection. I can’t wait to see it all again in the new space during 3 days of design.

Most catalogs are really heavy and I took home only two of them. The Ferm living catalogue is one of them, the other I picked up from the fab brand I pointed out in my first imm blog story of this week! As photographing on fairs is really difficult I am glad to show you some images out of the catalog of the SS20 collection of Ferm living and some favourites. On Instagram you can find some images I made at the stand. 

Space to feel comfortably you 

 “In this SS20 collection, earthy tones and organic shapes meet sculptural lines; solid, robust forms are merged with soft, natural fittings while we continue to focus on honest materials that are no more, and no less, than what they appear to be. We’ve embraced the concept of ‘low living’ – many of our designs bring you closer to the ground, inviting you to lean back, rest and connect to your surroundings on a new and deeper level”


Oblique Bench
Fusing Japanese woodworking techniques with Scandinavian design sensibilities, Oblique bench is made with Low living in mind. A true multifunctional bench that can be used throughout the home and my favourite from the new collection. 


Kona Bed
Inspired by traditional Japanese furniture and Low living, Kona bed is used as a daybed or single bed for overnight guests.With a name derived from the Japanese word for corner, the bed is made  from sturdy oak veneer an features perfect for resting against.a low headbord and raised back panel. Made   to complement the bed, the Kona side table peeks out from under the bed as a ‘bedside’ table. 
Vuelta lamp

You might have seen my picture of this lamp standing in the bookcase at the stand already, definitely one of my other favourites, made out of ripped opal glass

pictures courtesy Ferm Living