NORR11 New collection and favourites at imm cologne 2020

I was really happy to see NORR11 presenting their collection and novelties at imm 2020 again, a beautiful stand in the typical Norr11 style I love best. And what an opening shot if I may say so with the new to launch sofa, and wall lamps and chandelier from the new ‘Deco Collection’, one of Norr11’s new light collections.

Not only the new sofa and Deco collection caught my eye, the combination of the white sofa, classy lamps and sturdy tables with an almost metal look, come all really close to what I have in mind for my masterplan 2.0 My personal project of a re-styled home. I can say it is finally to start taking shape now the new reform kitchen with Cosentino countertop is installed. 

This month we will decide on the floors and choose the final wall colours. After that I will concentrate at the living, and visiting imm cologne and the Norr11 stand

confirmed me once more that my original ideas and masterplan, have always been what I love best! 

Back to Norr11 and their new collections. Below a close up of the new  Gear collection, a collection of sculptural coffee tables, inspired by ancient greek columns, totally on trend if you ask me as I spotted different furniture at imm with Greek influences in a minimalistic and simplified way. Decoration from 101 Copenhagen !
Gear collection

Gear collection is a collection of sculptural coffee tables, inspired by ancient greek columns. Designed as a simplified block-like structure with three riffled legs, adding a refind detail to the voluminous design. Gear comes in two sizes and is made out of cast fiber concrete. 

New finishes, colours and upholstery for the original dining table chairs 


Deco series
By far the best chandelier I have seen in some time! Deco is a highly minimalistic and simplified lamp design, based on sleek iron profile casing and a cylinder opal glass shade. The glass is characterized by a rifled structure, adding a shimmering and decorative detail to the light. The deco collection comes in wall lamp, pendant and chandelier. Design by Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldah.

Yo-Yo series
Yo-Yo series, designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl who took their inspiration from the concentric shapes of a Yo-Yo.Two circulair opal glass shades placed opposite each other creating different layers to obscure the light source. The collection features two pendant lamps as well as a table and floor lamp as pictured below.


Frames is an award winning design produced in FSC certified massive oak. The design consists of 72 joints. Every single frame is handmade and quality checked before it’s connected with carefully selected parts in brass. I got a small demonstration at the fair on how the lamp can manual being rotated to create different light settings and change the expression of the design. Designed by Anna Ohmsen and Emma Bukhave Vidarsson,  Frames won the FSC Design Awards and the Mad & Bolig Design Awards in 2018.

 pictures courtesy Norr11 // Second picture by vosgesparis