VDM German design tour | imm Cologne 2020

After a few days in Germany last week, where I visited both Domotex and imm cologne, the two first fairs of the year. I already showed you my 3 favourites from MenuFerm Living and the new Norr11 collection as seen at imm. Covering the fair is something I love doing, it is a combination of showing all that catches my eye and overall showing what I got inspired by. 

This year I was also part of the jury in a competition by VDM- The association of the German furniture industry. You might remember my post asking you to join the competition by asking: What does being at home mean to you Winners of the competition see them here, were invited to come to imm cologne and spent a day with VDM. 

I joined them for a day and their packed tour along some of German’s best design brands. After the fair we all had dinner organised by VDM at the workspace and factory of Bordbar who transform used airline trolley’s into furniture for the home. It was such a nice evening with many bloggers, of which some I knew for years or travelled with and other I never met before. We ended the evening with some friends at the imm opening party downtown.  


Ursula Geismann, press spokeswoman of VDM introduced each brand to us and their latest products. An impression on the blog today, plus a video to see it all with your own eyes!


Next to the easy to build ‘Solo’ I was really impressed by the Parallel bed by Tojo.
 A variable bed system that adapts to the needs and desires of its owner. 

The bed has a real Japanese minimalistic look, six wooden feet are used to connect the slats. The bed can be used as a single bed up to a 200 x 200 size. 

Interlübke introduced ‘Tado’ The basis of tado consists of modular basic and add-on shelves in two heights and two widths in different colours and finishes. The system can be fully customized to fit your needs. With the endless possible combinations you can design your very own tado – even later on, too which makes it a real good investment.




A colourful stand by Schönbuch with lots of really clever hallway solutions. ‘Simetria’ is crafted from thin sheets of wood, the delicate, slimline wall cabinets are just 14 or 18 cm deep and extraordinarily elegant and light. 
Selected cabinets in different sizes and forms can be combined to create a carefully curated wall display which is bringing order to the home by providing convenient storage for favourite pieces and everyday odds and ends. 

Rolf Benz
Luca Nichetto has designed the “Liv” sofa system for Rolf Benz and he took the time to tell us more about the latest addition to Rolf Benz. Living in Sweden the name was well chosen “Liv” meaning life in Swedish ánd being the name of his daughter. 

With two seat depths and two back widths, and more various individual, matching options, including the colour of the frame the new Liv sofa systeem fits every needs. In addition to black and umbra gray, the frame is available in the new, subtly shiny Marrone metallic color. The sofa comes with matching coffee and side tables of which the frame can be adjusted to the base of the sofa with a top in natural stone or lacquered glass. 

“Our intention was to develop a sofa that adapts to the different needs of contemporary living space, allowing to always obtain the right combination trough endless possibilities. LIV offers the perfect combination between Italian banking tradition, a low laid back style, and northern sitting comfort together with German technology and quality.“ 

I had the pleasure to visit Rolf Benz in Nagold last year, have a look to see my showroom and factory visit Rolf Benz showroom & factory visit in Nagold 



Floating Office
Imagine an office desk that can be raised up to the ceiling! Floating office desk ‘Nolex‘ is just that and offers free space at the push of a button. Clever design that makes it easy to seperate work and leisure in the home office. With Nolex the study can also be integrated into any area of your  home. 


If you ever dreamed of a walk-in closet, family company raumplus might be the brand to check out! Raumplus has a large collection to choose from and manufactures customized sliding doors, room dividers, and closet systems. 

Frei Frau
Bringing the outside in is a theme we saw a lot at imm, as I love a minimalistic approach I love multifunctional furniture that can be used both in and outside. freifrau has been sharing the stand with Janua, one of my favourite brands, for several years and it is alway a pleasure to visit them.

Chair ‘Leyla’ previously beautiful captured by Anastasia Benko (above) has an outdoor version ‘Leya Sol’ Leya Sol is designed to be used inside and outside. In combination with Leya, the model brings its own tension to the arrangement at the dining table indoors and outdoors in summer. The pillows – filled with high-quality synthetic down – are easily removable and storable. Depending on the cover, even weatherproof.

This post is written in collaboration with VDM-The association of the German furniture industry. // pictures via VDM // pictures at imm ©vosgesparis