Sculptural minimalism | new design by Kristina Dam as seen at imm

It is always a pleasure to chat with Kristina Dam and see her new collections, and this year at imm was no exception. I have written several blogs about Kristina Dam studio over the last years on the blog and was curious to see what was new!

If you did’n visit imm I think you will love these pictures and a sneak peek of the new collection and brand book. A few favourites as spotted at imm! Have a look at the rest of the 2020 collection here

Curved Bench 
Made of slick beige or black powder-coated steel the Curved Bench makes a bold and graphic statement in any habitant. The bench also enable you to store your magazines within its curved base.


Brick Sculpture | Ceramic Sculpture
At imm I already noticed a lot of Greek and Roman influences!  Brick sculpture is a single, unbroken line emanating from one starting point and continuing in the infinite. Inspired by the architectural lines of Greek arches and vaults.


The Dual Vases
I really loved these Dual vases made of thick glass and painted in soft earthy colours: Ocher, Sand or Cream. Turn the vase 180 degrees and use either the top or bottom as the vessel – in that way you’ll have two vases in one.

Stair Sculpture | Terracotta 
The Stair Sculpture is a true piece of art! Made of terracotta the Stair Sculpture is all about appearance. It has a modern and yet distinct architectural feeling to it and the roughness of the texture of this art piece is evident.

pictures courtesy Kristina Dam