A new rug for my home | Tisca Olbia Collection

Working on Domotex for the last three editions together with our team of international bloggers brought us to Transylvania and the district of Cisnădie, a town near Sibiu. During the first edition of the fair we all kind of fell in love with Tisca and started making plans on how to work together. This last Summer we visited the factory and the Tisca team showed us the beautiful surroundings, including the famous castle of Dracula.

f you read the blogpost I wrote afterwards: Travelling to Transylvania with Tisca rugs you can imagine my love and respect for the company only has grown ever since. Following the different processes of mixing, spinning, dying techniques and washing, and getting in touch with the different people in each section. I have such great memories thinking back at their happy faces and how proud they all were to be part of their contribution in the process of every rug. 


I had a chance pick my favourite rug! As the traditional rugs of the Olbia collection in different shades of white and structures were my personal favourite ever since meeting Tisca the first time, I chose the Olbia Polar design for my own home and here is a glimpse on how it looks! 

It has been some years I dream of dark floors and white rugs and couches, and it seems my masterplan is finally taking shape. I can hear you thinking ‘about time’, and I know I am super slow and I have to confess I can only show you this part of the living as I have not finished the whole floor yet. Working on it myself around work and travel makes everything going super slow but it is also something I really enjoy.

Next I will add a new colour to this room and think about new lighting, at the moment this wall is painted in Tusk, see my Little Greene colour moodboard. I will change it into something darker, which I hope will make the room even cosier. And if you have any ideas for window decoration: four! out of five of my blinds in the living are broken and need to be replaced and as you see lots of light is coming from one of the big windows facing south. 


Olbia Collection
I highly underestimated what a rug can do for a room. Being super picky on what comes into my home I also found it hard on what to choose and finding a minimal rug in a natural shade is not as simple as it seems. Every morning when I come into the room I am happy to see how beautiful it fits the dark floors, and it also feels amazing to walk on barefoot, something I did not experienced with any other rug I ever had. 

The different shades of natural and other colours, 96 to choose from to be precisely, a variety of yarn thicknesses and 26 possible textures gives you a never ending variety of rugs when combined. Tisca has a really nice online guide on how to choose your perfect rug, off which I choose the Olbia Polar with. 

The Olbia Polar (love the name as Olbia is the town where each of my visit to Sardinia starts) can be found in the selection of versatile rugs. This type of rug is versatile as well as hard-wearing. Being reversible makes this rug long-lived and easy to care for. Wool also has the advantage of being able to absorb moisture and release it again. Thus it regulates the interior climate and provides a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in the home. Pure new wool rugs score with their self-cleaning effect. 

In order to create a special effect you should have a look at the different ‘Comfortable rugs’ as well as the ‘cuddly’ versions. The special processing of the yarns accentuates each structure in a different way. 
This post is written in collaboration with Tisca, and I am really thankful to the wonderful Tisca team for their invite to experience the making of their rugs in Transylvania, and the beautiful rug for my own home. Thank you!  
Images ©vosgesparis