Ceramics | Textural bowls and vases by Olivia Walker

I first discovered the work of British porcelain artist Olivia Walker at the amazing exhibition Ideas to Intuition which I covered last year. Since then I have been following her and asked her about her work and some close ups of her work to show on the blog today. 

Olivia Walker “My current work explores organic and decaying forms through the build-up of complex surfaces. I work mainly in porcelain and am interested in the material qualities of clay: the contrast between rough and smooth, straight lines and imperfect ones, complete forms and collapsed ones, and internal versus external spaces. From my studio on Dartmoor, I make my initial forms on the potter’s wheel before deconstructing them and building upon with thousands of shards of porcelain.” 

At the end of the post a small clip on how she works, it seems so complex and looks amazing! 

product shots Sylvain Deleu | exhibition pictures Lillie Thompson | clip via website