Chaud Side tables by Charlotte Jonckheer

Another sculptural design on the blog today, I hope you enjoy seeing discoveries like this as much as you love the different homes, design news and ceramics I post on the blog. With the first fairs behind me and looking forward to Milan Design week…

let’s hope Corona virus will be under control by then, I went through some of the pictures I made of the different exhibitions. Milan is always a highlight and I feel blessed to have a small group of friends to experience the Salone with every year. I will also be back at the actual Salone del Mobile to work with a fantastic group of different brands!

One of the highlights two years ago was the exhibition by Brut collective, an installation by a group of Belgian designers. This is where I also discovered the work of Charlotte Jonckheer. Derived from a study on the color grey, Charlotte produced the ‘Chaud side table series’, constructed out of paper composite and natural stone.


Recycling colourful print rests and hand pressing them with chalk results in color neutral, stone like surfaces, the paper composites are still humid and can be bend. They are dried and held in a series of open stone moulds; different curves of the same length, which afterwards frame the base of the table. Each paper form is unalike the other as the air dictates their shape during the drying process. United, the dried paper and the stone, fluid against rigid, warm against cold, young against old, challenge each other to create a series of architectural inspired side tables.

Pictures ©vosgesparis // more on Brut collective in this story: BRUT | A collective of Six Belgian designers