Fascinated by ceramics and the work of Annemiek Boots

I have always been fascinated by ceramics and with a clay atelier very close to my home I am even more intrigued to try out working with clay one day myself and see if I have the patience to actually make something.
Although I am not someone who gives up quickly and can work hard until I get the results I hope for, I am also a bit impatient. Maybe the opposite of Annemiek Boots, a self-taught ceramic artist from the Netherlands who says to feels very at home in the ‘slow movement’, conscious living and an appreciation for details; enjoying the small things in daily life.

Don’t get me wrong as I do enjoy the small things in life. When it comes to ceramics however, Annemiek explains: “It is in a way a slow paced art, you can’t rush clay, it takes time and attention to shape it, dry it, fire it, glaze it, fire it some more and then finish it. Annemiek takes inspiration by nature – the textures, the shapes – the city, items she owns or images from her favourite magazines, books and even talks. A small impression of her work on the blog today, have a look at Annemiek Boots Ceramics to see more of her work. 





pictures courtesy Annemiek Boots