Hakudo cork diffuser | Aoiro Design X Studio Corkinho

On my Instagram I showed you the wonderful gift I got from Aoiro some time ago, I treasure little gifts like these and burn the candle the slowest possible to let it last longer. In my opinion a nice home perfume can have a healing effect for the soul and mind and especially these days when we all stay at home a lot and feel a bit insecure I love to use beautiful scents.

It is always beautiful to see new brands I have on my radar like Studio Corkhino with who I was talking about visiting them and how to collaborate, connect with long time favourites of mine. For me a confirmation we are a match and have the same aesthetics. Aoiro now, together with Studio Corkinho, introduce a contemporary purifying ritual.

Hakudo cork diffuser
Aioro: “Inspired by the atmosphere of a spirited Japanese island after rainfall Aoiro’s Hakudo rain scent enables us to experience the sensation of air being charged with the spirit of rain. Smooth earthiness and dark, powerful greens are highlighting the quality of humidity as a main profile. Combined with airy notes of leafy and resinous essences, the scent slowly draws a vivid scenery with three – dimensional depth and creates a captivating air that rejuvenates the mind and spirit”

Stillness and Mindfulness
Studio Corkinho completes the ceremony set with nine cubic cork sculptures. Exploring the unique and raw, organic surfaces of burnt cork, each object offers a diffusion ground, on which the Hakudo rain botanical essence can be dripped, spread around the space or kept together to intensify the energy of the scent. The set brings a personal ritual into our private spaces. sensory experience that stimulates and harmonises our presence, offering Stillness and Mindfulness. // txt Aoiro




Pictures via Aoiri design // © Piet-Albert Goethals