Pedestal tables by Vilde Hagelund

With many people supporting small designers at the moment due the pandemic, I came across the ‘Free ads with love’  Lotta Agaton posted and re-discovered the beautiful work of Vilde Hagelund, a 27-year-old Oslo based furniture designer and her work, especially the Pedestal tables caught my eye and I love to show you a few images made by Vilde and at Kollekted by in Oslo.

Pedestal consist of geometric solid wood parts made by machine. A hand-carved texture is added on the surface, for a tactile experience, enhancing the material agency and the value of craft. In a way, they can be seen as a representation of how machine and hand can coexist to make rare products in a world with overconsumption and mass production.

Remissus tray
Remissus is inspired by the water drop and its unpredictability in the contour. The various shapes leave traces of the asymmetrical shape and movements of the hand. The organic design language represents a sensitivity to the wood (birch) and the aesthetic function of the hands. 

By using unknown contours, proportions that the hand can relate to and a smooth surface, the goal is to invite the user to interact and touch the products. Carved from a single piece of wood, the trays have the potential for longevity and possibly an attractive surface patina made over time.

Pictures Vilde Hagelund // First 3 pictures by Helene Bye