Republiek Bloemendaal | Wabi Sabi style at the beach

Hard times for many of us these days, including horeca… Just openend and due the pandemic forced to close within a few weeks till allowed to open again is the beautiful new ‘Republiek‘ located right at the beach in Bloemendaal. From the opening a few weeks ago I have seen incredible images of Republiek Beach club designed by Anne Claus Interiors 

In the Netherlands we have a long coastline and from Zandvoort to Bloemendaal you will find different Beach Clubs on the beach, all with their own and different atmosphere. They vary from chic to bohemian hippie style, and I guess this might be my new favourite for the summer. Nenad who I follow on Instagram sent me a few pictures he made with his mobile to give you an impression of the atmosphere and design.

I am particularly interested in the fireplace pictures, where a huge piece of stone is used and I am determined to add a non toxic fake fireplace to my own home before the next winter, unfortunately no options for a real fire in my home.