Plant Tribe | Living happily ever after with plants

Last month the new Urban Jungle Bloggers book PLANT TRIBE – Living happily ever after with Plants was launched. A 240 pages book by the creative duo Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaf who together with photographer Jules from Herz & Blut over the last year and a half worked and traveled around the globe to capture personal stories about how plants have a positive impact on the lives of people. They visited 17 plant-filled homes of friends of the global plant tribe of Urban Jungle Bloggers they created after initially sharing their own love for houseplants on ‘Urban Jungle Bloggers’ in 2013.

It is also since 2013 I first travelled with Igor, as part of an international blogger team we visited different countries. The last three years we work together with a different team on Domotex and travelled to Romania visiting Tisca together. I love this group and we talk almost everyday at whatsApp. With the new book out and most of us at home I thought it might be a great inspiration for you and your home and to learn more about plants and on what plants actually do for us and our planet, which seems more important than ever!



On his own blog Igor explains how the book in six chapters deals with different topics: “love, good energy, happiness, well-being, and creativity with plants, and includes a practical room-by-room plant guide with tips about which plants are ideal for which rooms.”

The book also gives ideas on how to create plant rituals for your home, looks into the topic of plants and crystals, live happily in a home with plants and pets, shares plant ideas for your mind, body and soul and gives a look into ways how plants can help in our creative processes. Last but not least the duo speak to people who turned their plant passion into a plant business! Our common friend Holly Becker of Decor8 published an interview with Igor on her blog yesterday which you can read here



First and last picture by me | All other pictures by Jules Villbrandt