L. Ercolani x Norm Architects

The other day I showed you the beautiful kitchens of  Edward Collinson Design studio, today another Uk furniture maker who partnered with Norm Architects on the design of two product series. L. Ercolani, sub-brand of UK furniture maker Ercol 
represents a heritage and philosophy that Norm Architects understand intuitively and they share a humble and democratic approach to craftsmanship and the use of honest materials.  

The collections Chair ‘Reprise’ and Cabinet ‘Canvas’ are both available in six different wood colours, Cabinet ‘Canvas’ is available in different options. Both exude an understated elegance from an exclusive lounge, airport lobby, cultural centre or corporate setting to a private living room. Each collection boasts a design idiom all its own and yet all the pieces in the portfolio are visually compatible with each other. Consequently, you have freedom to mix or match and make a house feel like a home.




Photography by Christian Møller Andersen & styling by Sofie Brünner