Arno Declercq | New collections and website


It has been almost 3 years I first introduced Arno Declercq on the blog and I have been following him ever since. Being an admirer of his work from the first hour, I really enjoy his journey and growing collection after starting his own brand of rough bespoke items in May 2017.

His first collection has come to the idea that there are too few interiors where they no longer have the big and static vases and candlesticks that the people had in big houses over 100 years ago. By focusing on architecture, ancient arts and design, after war buildings, defence buildings (bunkers and fortresses) and tribal arts, he created a collection that has already been found in 20 international galleries and shops.




With each piece being unique and entirely handcrafted by him at his amazing atelier in Zaventem the collection expanded with several new furniture pieces and Bronze objects which can be found in their own section at the new website. I still have my eyes on the AD bench above in burned and waxed Iroko wood, with a beautiful leather cushion, which I fell in love with after meeting Arno at his first Milan exhibition last year. 

“Iroko” is used in many objects, according to the West African culture, the ancestors lives in these trees, which they call “the king of the forest”. Arno also combines Iroko wood with Belgian Oak, that dried for more than 30 years for his collection. Objects are treatend through the Yakusugi technique the ancient Japanese technique where the objects are burned to protect the wood from weathering and subsequently fixed to get a patina look as long as possible. Have a look at the new website and collection by Arno Declercq









Images courtesy Arno Declerq