Minimal design at home | Philips TV x Bowers & Wilkins

On Instagram I already gave you a sneak peek of the bench I made the other week, I guess you loved it as much as I do, because I received lots of messages asking if I would share how to make one too. What I didn’t tell was that I made the bench especially for an upcoming collaboration with Philips Television. Philips TV recently launched two OLED+ models in collaboration with legendary British audio company Bowers & Wilkins, the Philips TV OLED+934 and OLED+984

The custom made bench perfectly fit the new Philips TV OLED+934 and its beautiful minimal design. Minimal design really is a must for me, and although I love a few shiny details, I prefer my electronics to be stylish and preferably black. The Philips TV OLED+934 is a high end, thin model that offers best picture quality and Dolby Atmos sound through a separate Bowers & Wilkins speaker enclosure and finished with Kvadrat fabric, that combines with a minimalist metal angled arm to act as the set’s table top stand.


For me, minimal living and the house I create for myself is mainly an uncluttered home. Items I never use or think I may need one day are mostly sold or given away. I treasure the few accessories, my memories and the necessary furniture pieces. I’ve been writing for years, and long before Marie Kondo became really popular, to only surround yourself with the things you really love and this certainly doesn’t mean living without any luxury or a television.

I really love having a television at home next to the devices I daily use. In my eyes nothing can beat a real television during an evening of binge watching. With this Philips television that features the latest technical specifications in picture quality performance, bringing better sharpness, more accurate colours and skin tones and better contrast to all sources ánd the great sound, I am all ready for a holiday at home this year.

Writing this blog for almost 13 years and absorbing everything that has to do with interior and design on a daily base, I still love watching interior design programs on television. Travel and cooking documentaries are a favourite too, and the colours are fantastic on this new television.

Philips Ambilight brings extra atmosphere. Below some examples where I switched on both red and blue. Changing the color with the video is also an option, you can see an example of this in my Instagram stories. Already winner of the EISA Best Home Theatre TV 2019 award, both OLED+ models are available from last September 2019. More specifications and all the new features can be found here




Written in collaboration with Philips Television
all images ©vosgesparis

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