Architectural basin solutions by antoniolupi design

Before continuing to discover the world of antoniolupi, I would like to show some more architectural basin solutions made available to architects and designers, where the sink disappears into space, leaving the role of protagonist to water and other natural elements.

antoniolupi’s research on the theme of solutions integrated into the surfaces that define an environment began many years ago and can now count on a complete range of products made available to architects and designers, to interpret the formal needs of contemporary and functional minimalism.

In my previous post I already wrote about the different built in shower-head solutions: Beautiful metal finishes and built-in shower-head design. antonilupi not only uses the ceiling in his design, also the wall becomes an element of design, where sinks are integrated and only show the part you really need.

Invisible Sinks
No wonder architects and designers love the different solutions antoniolupi offer to integrate sinks in their design projects. Walls no longer are a structural element only but became part of the actual bathroom design.

Today I love to highlight, four sinks that are beautiful integrated to the wall and designed in collaboration with well known designer Domenico De Palo. ‘Strappo’ (2011), ‘Silenzio’(2012), Soffio (2013), and ‘Calice’ (2017) together with Mario Ferrarini. More images and detailed information about all sinks can also be found at the website of antoniolupi: Sinks

STRAPPO designed by Domenico de Palo
‘Strappo’ washbasin is the result of the production capacity of the brand antoniolupi with the creativity of Domenico de Palo. Domenico de Palo’s designer label is unmistakable in this creation, a washbasin that is able to merge with the surface where installed. As De Palo says: “I wanted to design a washbasin that seems to tear a strip of the wall, to give life to a new concept of living in the bathroom”.

A year after ‘Strappo’ Domenico de Palo and antoniolupi developed ‘Silenzio’, a washbasin with an even greater design-content than before. The unmistakable signature of Domenico de Palo is even more evident in this washbasin which is able to blend into the surface onto which it is installed.Realized in Corin the washbasin appears to come out of the wall, giving it a life and shape. It can be painted just like the rest of the wall, making it disappear into the wall. Silenzio can be described as a “nude” washbasin to be dressed in clothing that can be changed and updated with different finishes.

The voice of ‘Silenzio’ (Silence) plus the sound of a ‘Strappo’ (Tear) gives inspiration to ‘Soffio’ (Breath) It’s as if a gust of wind, caressing the wall, had taken away a piece of the wall itself, integrated perfectly into the wall to display only the part you really need.

‘Soffio’ is made of Corian, after its installation it is plastered and whitewashed then finished with paint like the rest of the wall and disappears within it. The bowl and the light elements are suggestive. The LED lighting is internally integrated with a blue and white light, the frame has a total width of 72 cm. In my Pinterest album you can see some more colours… I couldn’t stop myself though from showing the pink version here!



Calice – between organic and architectural design
After Strappo, Silenzio and Soffio research continues for antoniolupi on the theme of integration between sink and wall, on the ability to give continuity to the vertical surface in order to describe a basin that welcomes water in a fluid and enveloping space.

With Calice, the traditional sink is developed with elegance and formal cleansing for another exciting collection. An explicit reference to a classical image reinterpreted through a contemporary material to give absolute continuity to the surface. Designed by Mario Ferrarini and Domenico De Palo.