Beautiful metal finishes and built-in shower-head design

Antoniolupi is known for their outstanding design and bathroom furniture, exclusively bathroom accessories, mirrors and products for the living space. In a previous post I introduced antoniolupi and their minimal bathtub collection in Cristalmood, a resin developed by antoniolupi. Antoniolupi uses various materials in its collections, next to Cristalmood we see Flumood, marble, wood and stone among others.

It is no secret I am a huge fan of the use of metal in interiors and if you read my blog for some time I am sure you noticed that I am using lots of brass in the finishes lately. My new kitchen cabinets have brass handles and I added small touches off brass through lamps and even a small coffee table. No wonder I love the new metal liquid finishes by antoniolupi for Flumood! In the first part of today’s blog article I love to show you some examples of the bath and sinks with the new finishes. Further in the post I also like to point out different built-in showerheads, but first back to Flumood and its new finishes.


Flumood is a product by antoniolupi, earlier launched in 2018 with a high aesthetic apparel through its clean lines and perfect match with different bathroom cabinets. Originally offered in white and in all the colours of the antoniolupi range. The new finishes come with a special coating with metal liquid in copper and brass. A few technical aspects of the material and technology of the process further in this post.

Mastello Tub
The metal paint process is proposed on different sinks and washbasins, I really love the look on the Mastello tub designed by Mario Ferrarini. The external surface of the tube becomes
a distinctive feature lending a unique appeal to the entire product. The finish gives substance to the volumes and a feeling of precious solidity I love.

In the opening picture of this post the Mastello tub in whithe Flumood made at imm, Andrea Lupi kindly posted for it. I love the shape of the tub and the minimal almost Japanese feel of it including the wooden stepping stone, more pictures of the tub of which you also should see the inside at the antoniolupi guestboard on my Pinterest.




Albume sink

Albume is the freestanding washbasin designed by Carlo Colombo that alternates between a solid base that expresses strength and a transparent and colored basin that leaves the role of protagonist to the water. The new metal liquid finish enriches the basin’s collections. The warmth and brilliance of bronze and brass interact with both the colored and white sinks, in
contrast or in chromatic harmony. There is a wide range of different combinations, colours and materials.

Albume sink


Plissè sink
Plissè is the freestanding washbasin designed by Paolo Ulian and produced by antoniolupi originally in marble and also available in the Flumood version. The new metal powder coating gives the Plissè washbasin tactile texture and is available in 5 finishes: Iron, Brass, Corten, Copper and Bronze.

Plissè sink
Simplo washbasin
Beautiful finnish of the freestanding Simplo wash basin together with a freestanding faucet. Styled with the mirrors, the minimalist and clean look of the washbasin with metal finish is beautifully emphasized. All carpets in the pictures in this post are by antoniolupi. 


Simplo washbasin in bronze finish

About Flumood-lacqueded with metal liquid and powder 

New precious reflections enrich the basin’s collections. The warmth and brilliance of bronze

and brass interact with coloured or white sinks. Elegant, contemporary and vibrant with


reflections. Able to enhance both simple and linear shapes, complex figures as well as smooth


or articulated surfaces, enveloping them and enhancing their three-dimensional shape.

The objects change their appearance because some details become highlighted, acquiring a new identity thanks to the alternation of colours which embellish their iconic image with a new and sparkling look. 


The special coating with metal liquid (in copper and brass finish) is a technologically advanced process that allows the deposition of real metal Microparticles on the surface. A spray application that requires a specific know-how that is in the DNA of antoniolupi. A process that allows to make the finish homogeneous, covering every little detail. A technology that gives a resistant and refined armor to the elements made of Flumood.
antoniolupi installation at imm

Built-in Showerheads
I previously told you about the beautiful installation at imm with several built-in showerheads, find a small video I made of it back in January in my highlighted stories. antoniolupi has several options for built-in showers. One more visible like the ‘Raindrop’, pictured below, than others, like ‘Ghost’ featured at the end of this post.

Raindrop designed by Calvi Brambilla
Raindrop is made of Flumood and can be perfectly integrated in the ceiling and give your bathroom or spa an unexpected three-dimensionality luxury feeling. Who doesn’t want a bathroom with a minimal and sophisticated look with a showerhead integrated in the ceiling that reproduces the image of the effect generated by a drop of rain that hits the surface of the water!

The delicate concentric circles are a sophisticated sign on the ceiling, a natural decoration that wraps and protects the built-in showerhead. Raindrop is available in many different colours


Ghost Showerhead
With Raindrop, antoniolupi continued on the path of researching integrated ceiling showerhead systems in which the technological component is hidden and the showerhead is in fact drowned perfectly in the false ceiling. Even more hidden and living up to its name is ‘Ghost’, designed by AL Studio. This showerhead is totally invisible, except for the grid, integrated into the ceiling and it is only revealed when turned on.
The square or rectangular Flumood plate with holes fits seamlessly with the ceiling and can be painted the same colour, after which it seems that the force of the water breaks through the surface with a fresh rain shower. An truely elegant, minimal and perfectly integrated solution, in which every detail has been studied from both an aesthetic and a functional point of view.