The Circle | Objects by Elisa Ossino for Officine Saffi

“The Circle” is a collection of objects by Elisa Ossino for Officine Saffi.”The Circle” takes her quest for abstraction in the living space to the next level with the creation of a suspended, lunar dimension in which the space itself becomes a habitable sculpture. Elisa Ossino: “Clays and sands handcrafted with artisan techniques and without an initial mould preserve the formal emotion of a material that seems to petrify into unique pieces: prime numbers forged outside the framework of mass production.”

The artist sculpts objects whose naturalness hints at worlds beyond, worlds that we seem to be able to journey through with nothing more than a gaze. The openings in the surfaces of the chairs, table and partition posit the idea of a relationship between lines and curves that echoes the absolute categories of time, direction and light, forming a circle of natural forces encapsulated by the formal archetypes of these enigmatic and meditative creations.


pictures via Officine Saffi with thanks