Grand & Johnson new showroom studio and conceptstore


Although I really dislike the over-tourism that has hit Amsterdam in the last few years. I still believe there is an amount of tourists and locals interested in other things than what we dislike and did not miss during lockdown. Such as beautiful coffee places, outstanding restaurants and hotels and of course my favourite subject: Design in the city! It has been five years since I first wrote about one of my favourite Amsterdam based Studio and conceptstores: Minimalistic yet rich -spectacular yet sober With their brand new location just across the former smaller studio and store Grand & Johnson created a beautiful experience in the monumental and industrial tram depot ‘De Hallen‘.

The Grand & Johnson concept fully comes to life in the 420 m2 showroom where design, art and accessories are combined with brands like Molteni, Agape, JEE-O, Bert Frank and more. As well as the collection made for Grey7, lighting for Maretti and a kitchen concept for Sohl, more about that later! Grand&Johnson explains: ‘The showroom where everything comes together, in which we show what is possible. Fragrances, colours, materials, details; everything created to take you into our story. A small world in itself. To let you experience what is possible and to feel what suits you. To be amazed.”

Luckily before lockdown I was able to join them for a breakfast and see everything with my own eyes! On the mezzanine the design studio, founded by Bertel Grote and Jeroom Jansen who share a passion for interior, art and design and complement each other in the necessary areas of the company.  Grand & Johnson has grown into a team of interior designers and product designers. With attention for detail they realize perfectly balanced residential interiors and public environments.

pictures courtesy Grand & Johnson