A new project | it’s all in the details when working on a masterplan


Anyone else love to focus on smaller details when working on a new project or buying a larger piece of furniture for your home? I bought these two cushions, and hidden in my cabinet they help me set the tone and coming in the right mood for the next step in my own masterplan! The idea on how to shape your house into the home you always dreamed off, which I called my masterplan years ago, was really loved by so many readers over the years. It was not about quickly buying stuff and settle down but on creating along the way. And it is still very much alive 😉

Masterplan 2.0 was bringing me in a different direction, away from the former homes I created in black and white and more mature and rich in material use. A beautiful dark kitchen, different flooring, all walls painted in soft colours, lots of new lights and more to come. And the latest the beautiful doors by KOAK design for my Pax cabinets. Have a look here if you missed it Minimal IKEA Hack with KOAK design | Pax cabinets upgrade

Today it is chilly and windy and it almost feels like autumn even though it is still August, the month which for me means Summer holidays normally. I am slowly thinking forward and how to make the living more cozy as we will be staying a bit more at home I am afraid and I have some ideas taking shape already.

pillowcases bought at Archivestore – full oak doors by KOAK Design

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