A Parisian apartment and a Roly Poly chair

While searching for a set or mirrors, like the ones above, that sadly are not available anymore at Zara home [let me know if you know any look a likes] I found the picture above, a 3d render of a Parisian apartment designed by Namo interiors and I simply loved the image, both for the mirrors and the Roly Poly chair.


A Parisian apartment and a Roly Poly chair by Fay Toogood


A Parisian apartment

A peek into the Home designed for an imaginary person called J.PHINE, the persona of the combined aesthetic visions of Nannette van de Vooren and Natasja Molenaar. Natasja Molenaar: “J.PHINE is passionate about life, art and humor. These personal aspects of the aesthetic vision of both designers can be seen in the urban house in Paris. With the addition of natural stone and liveable details, everything comes together in this house”



3d Renders by Namo Design