How to spend time outdoors and still cook your favourite dinner

Don’t you just love this time of the year when days getting colder and, if you are into it, a Christmas tree is in sight! I really can’t wait to be honest. For me adding Christmas lights and greens is a returning tradition as soon as it is December. Certainly it will be not as cozy and with that many people as we are used too this year, but even if you live alone I think we need to make the most of it and decorate and make your home as cosy as never before.

I really love the smell of burned wood and love a good fire place. Last winter I bought a fire pit for my patio, but it wasn’t a real succes as it was way to big for the space. Still I keep searching and for the upcoming season I am looking into other options to bring the feeling of a cozy fire into my home.


Weltevree outdooroven

Spending time outdoors and still cook your favourite dinner

If you love a fireplace as much as I do, love to be outside and maybe have a little more space or real garden. Dutch brand Weltevree has lots of amazing products to get most out of the seasons! When I hear their name mentioned, I immediately think of a crackling fire, thick warm sweaters, being outside and eating in good company. I have been following the brand for years as they used to have a beautiful store in Amsterdam where you really could feel the essence of the brand.

My favourite product must be the Weltevree Outdooroven designed by Dick van Hoff who designed this oven to not only light a good fire but also for grilling or bake a pizza on the cooking stone. Made of Corten steel the oven can be left outside all year round. Over time it will develop a rusty layer that gives it its final colour and protects the steel from rusting through.



XL Oven and accessories 

The pizza stone and stainless steel grill are included with both outdoor ovens as standard. In addition, there are other accessories available that make using the oven even more fun, such as the pizza shovel and a handy thermometer, to control the temperature better and to heat more efficiently there is also a door for the oven sold separately. The temperature inside the oven can reach up to 400 degrees, which make baking a delicious pizza in just four minutes! By putting a pan on the hot oven, you can also use it as a hob.

If you want to expand your outdoor kitchen with a Design barbecue, the XL version of the Weltevree outdoor oven offers a grill next to the pizza oven. A lacquered base made of Iroko wood offers space for logs and other cooking utensils if desired.


The Weltevree Oven Dish and Pizza shovel

Growing up at the very edge of the south of Amsterdam there was plenty of space to make fire and roasting potatoes together with the other kids from our canal is a treasured memory. I spent most of my youth playing outside and during summers me and most kids of my street went on holidays with a group of boy scouts where we learned all the skills to make our own outdoor kitchen and cook on fire.  

The Weltevree outdoor oven brings back all these memories and evokes that pleasant feeling in me I had as a child. I really would love to taste a pizza made in the oven and experience the feeling of seeing it cook after placing it on the stone with the Pizza Shovel

The Weltevree Oven Dish with enamelled cast iron matt finish is not just any oven dish, this design is three dishes in one! A deep dish and a deeper dish can be used separately as an oven dish, combined they form one dish with a lid which is ideal for roasting and stews, the oven can be used for different meal preparations and even popcorn or soup can be made.



weltevree hot tub


“Weltevree means you feel pleasant, contented with your surroundings. In the Netherlands old farmhouses are often named after this. It is a homely feeling: this is where I feel good.” Weltevree is also the name of the Dutch design brand who manufactures contemporary durable goods 
in collaboration with the best designers and inventors, which aim to activate you and your surroundings. 

Next to their outdoor ovens the brand is known for their durable outdoor furniture of which especially the bathtub is high on my wish list…. that if I would have a hidden garden or rooftop terrace! The tub is light weighted and completely heated through natural circulation: light a fire and wait for the water to heat up.

Originally designed in 2020 as a graduation project by Floris Schoonderbeek, the tub and immediately became his big break. Dutch tub Wood is a variation on the original tub and offers the classic look of a hot tub with the same comfort of the original tub which comes in different colours, find them here: Dutchtub by Floris Schoonhoven

Written in collaboration with MisterDesign