Renovation stories | A new bench and lamp for the kitchen



Making plans for my home and make it more and even more the place I love, is something that is always in the back of my head. I still work on my Masterplan and staying at home more often, certainly keeps me busy. With every change at home I always think about the bigger picture and make small changes to work to the eventual idea I have in mind.  

As you may have understood by now, when it comes to the small details, my indecisiveness often plays tricks on me. Sometimes I hate my indecisiveness, often it also makes things take longer. Fortunately this is not always negative and my ideas change again and ultimately give the image I was looking for and to be honest I also love the process.

This week I changed the layout of my kitchen and placed the table closer to the wall. I love to sit on the long bench, but with winter on it’s way I am also looking for more comfort and cosiness. Placing the bench against the wall gives me the opportunity to add some soft cushions… definitely would need a few more, and bring more layering at the same time.  




The Adam bench is rather small so I am looking around to find the perfect bench or DIY plan to make one myself, but for now it is totally fine. With the bench closer to the wall I also moved the narrow metal shelf cabinet to the hallway. Missing the small light, I thought the wall above the bench was the perfect spot for the Eiffel wall lamp by Frama.  I love how my lamp collection is growing with beautiful design pieces.



Renovation stories | A new bench and lamp for the kitchen


Pictures ©vosgesparis