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November 3, 2020

WDSTCK Burned coffee table

WDSTCK  Burned coffee table
When working on my kitchen I improvised for some time with my old kitchen table, a table that I bought when I was nineteen for the first ever home I shared with the father of my children. We had wooden floors sisal squared carpet and walls painted in pale pink and blue. I remember how strange I thought it was to just paint the bare walls, little did I know about lime paint and Italian plaster. I did know I wanted an old wooden table, and so happened... over the decades it changed from natural waxed to white, to garden table, stored in the garage, back in again... cutting of the legs and painting it black till it had the Japanese feel I love nowadays.

I used it in my kitchen for some time with the grey concrete floor and sometimes miss it... I loved the feeling of this low table while sitting on normal hight. One of my favourite Amsterdam based brands WDSTCK recently launchd a new burned coffee table made from European wood and it immediately brought back the feeling I loved so much...  low and 'slightly' oversized!

The surplus wood is burned away using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, giving the table a beautiful, intense dark color in which the drawings and grooves in the wood come out nicely. Available in different sizes. The dimensions start from about 150cm and can be made longer than 400cm.  

WDSTCK  Burned coffee table
WDSTCK  Burned coffee table

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