MASTERPLAN 2.0 | A personal story

Those who read my blog for years might remember my definition of my so called Masterplan. You can read something more about it by clicking here, bare the pictures if you are clicking through to that post from 2010…. but it kind of explains how my mind works around things.

Even though these old images make me smile now, I refuse to take those old posts off the blog as they are part of the vosgesparis journey and a great example of how people can grow over the years, and beside that I was really happy with the little changes I made at that time. It is funny how people now and then still remind me on how they liked the idea of working on a long term masterplan. 

All these posts on the blog kind of tell my story, how after a greyish and zinc area… I went through the all minimal Scandinavian white with my own dark twist and now feel like coming back to Soft minimalism with an industrial chic touch again. My friend Holly Becker who used to call me the queen of Black & White, which still makes me laugh, said it very well after seeing the trend stand I designed for IMM, where I presented to use her words: ‘a more grown up version of my style, and a more grown up me’

I must admit it is way easier to add beautiful lightning, carpets and huge lounge sofa’s, to name a few things, in a designed and sponsored trend show then at my own home as none of those items are things I personally could buy without saving up a bit first, nothing wrong with that either! Still this trendshow has opened new possibilities and ambitions for a new Masterplan.

Less is more // Masterplan 2.0
I will take you with me on my journey and show you the new changes for my home, including some things I never really showed before. I will try to not play safe, think big and stick to the new masterplan I created in my head, keeping in mind that less is more and we do not have to display everything we love all the time. 

I can’t wait to start creating and work with some beautiful brands that touch my heart. I already connected with SolidfloorNL and will lay their 
Yampa floor in a different and industrial way as soon as I get back from Milan and there will be some painting involved as well.   

You might recognize the first picture from an earlier post but this image shows pretty much the new canvas of my home, with light walls, concrete, and dark floors… now someone bring me that white couch!   

 picture tornqvistm 

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