A new home by Pamela Makin of Les Interieurs

Maybe it comes with age or staying at home a lot lately watching a bit to many diy and decorating shows, but I am developing a slight hang to interiors with a bit of grandeur, a bit like the huge Parisian apartments I used to show on the blog in the early years… houses with beautiful fireplaces and lots of light and a single piece of green in large vases.

Houses on these shows are mostly huge and have heigh ceilings, something that helps of course! Mostly located in the US and particularly the ones in the US can’t stop talking about all the European touches the homes have. Now there are a few really good shows and other I sometimes watch and almost fall of my chair each time hearing them talk about the costs of certain European pieces… clearly recognizing as the affordable ikea cabinet or kitchen cabinet I have myself. Talking about tv shows, I noticed there is a trailer on Netflix  about the ‘Minimalists’ called ‘Less is now’ coming in January, not sure if it is the original movie or a new one, and also part two of the McGee family.

Back to the internet… One of the houses that caught my eye and recently was featured on Est Magazine is by the talented Pamela Makin of Les Interieurs I showed some of her work earlier on the blog like these wonderful homesand again it was the fireplace that caught my eye! I also loved the dark wall behind the bed in combination with the amber coloured bedset, definitely a colour I would love to try out  some day in my own bedroom. More about this home at Est magazine.
photography Felix Forest