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Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Living in an 80ties apartment with central heating I have missed the focal point of a fire place from day one! I grew up with a coal fireplace, and had a gas fire later on, until moving into my current apartment. Of course I can’t deny I love the luxury of central heating but especially in winter I missed the flames and the the sound of a crackling fire. It is something that gives me an ultimate peaceful and comforting feeling and a cozy and warm home feeling.

Earlier this year I spotted the Dimplex Cassette at Beurs Eigen huis, a Dutch fair I got to visit the weekend before the first lockdown. In the stand of ‘Top interieur ontwerpers’ the Optymist Cassette was build-in in a small construction and I was surprised by the illusion of the life-like fire. It all came back recently when Dimplex asked me to review one of their electric fire places. After some thinking on how to integrate a fireplace in my home I started with a new diy project where I could combine one of their cassettes and my wish to build a bench along the long wall in my living again.

I have some other ideas on where, and how to use the Dimplex Cassette 500 I chose. As this Cassette perfectly fit my idea of multifunctional use and is easy to move, I will show you some more in the next months. On Instagram stories I will add some images in a Dimplex highlight on how I build the long bench, a diy of mine I designed with the original idea of the bench I made for my television and inspiration I found in an image of Kelly Wearster and my visit to the Showhome of Studio AnoukB

Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Dimplex is a leading producer of attractive electric fires, and has many unique designs to its name. Although Dimplex fireplaces are electric, they offer more by creating the illusion of a life-like fire: from a fascinating flame effect, glowing logs and the crackling sounds of wood to little sparks that seem to fly.

The Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500 I chose, produces flames made of pure water vapour and LED light. This model does not give of heat, and you can even touch the flames while creating that cozy feeling including the sound of a real fire. Suitable for installation projects and designed to fit into a custom-made frame or fireplace. 

The bench I made along the wall is around 5,50M including a small 70CM part where I build in the Cassette, including an open space to allow fresh air to circulate which is needed in order to produce the flame effect. I painted it in the same colour as the wall, have a look here about my wall colours. Literally all kind of build in ideas are an option, making this fire suitable for any room in your home. 

Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Cassettes of different sizes can be linked for a see-through, three-sided, or fully open concept you envisage – in any length. You can to choose a fire for any occasion, or location from built-in, to wall-mounted, inset or freestanding and in different shapes.

The Cassette has an easy-fill water tank, I show you in my stories, that offers around 8-10 hours of continuous operation before refilling is required, also a quick-fit IEC (kettle) connection for an individual fireplace is one of the possibilities. Have a look here for all technical specifications on this particular model. The Cassette has a steal black top, and the log fire is available as an accessory.

Written in collaboration with Dimplex 
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