Galerie Philia presents 40 international designers in New York

Let’s go to New York and have a look at an exhibition presented by Galerie Philia! An exceptional exhibition of art and design at Walker Tower, the iconic 1929 Art Deco building in the heart of Manhattan, and running from 15 February until 30 June 2021. Located at 212 West 18th Street in Chelsea, the exhibition space is set within Ralph Walker’s architectural masterpiece and consists of an elegant two-floor loft-style apartment, providing the perfect backdrop for the gallery’s outstanding collection of works.

The Walker Tower project is part of a programme of global temporary exhibitions developed by the gallery to present the best of 21st century European design across a variety of prime locations. I am sure if you read the list of participants, you will recognize several names mentioned and written on the blog about.


Think of Rick Owensmy favourite Norwegian artist living in New York Fino Prydz, Belgian Arno de Clercq, Dutch Mae Engelgeer and Italian architect and designer Pietro Franceschini, who in a tightly curated scenography delivered by the gallery collaborated on the exhibition that showcases over 70 works by 40 international designers, all of whom are represented by Galerie Philia.


Thank you Pietro Franceschini for sending me the pictures.  



Minimal doesn’t necessarily mean  reductive

“The main objective is to create a dialogue between the different pieces in a set up that reflects Galerie Philia’s style. In terms of colour palette, black, white and brass set the vibe of the main rooms. Primitive shapes and hand-crafted materials bring out an ethereal character that is consistent throughout the whole apartment. Our goal is to show that minimal doesn’t necessarily mean reductive. Can you imagine this exhibition is totally up my alley!