A new look for my electric fireplace | Dimplex Spring update

No need to tell you how much I enjoyed my electric fire place over the last months and seeing the many questions and dm’s I received on social media you loved my diy project in the living as much as I do. For those wondering what kind of fireplace I installed, there is some more info further in this post. With a week of heavy snowfall and all frozen and white outside, the illusion of fire and the coziness the Dimplex flames made of pure water vapour and LED light gave, was even more how I imagined this little fire point to function. 


Holland at its best…. a few days later we went from winter to Spring temperatures and I couldn’t be happier. Time to work out the idea I had for Spring and change the look of the Dimplex optymist cassette. The Cassette originally comes with a flat black metal plate, as an extra I got the Log set, which is available as an accessory and can be placed instead. The metal plate precisely fits the cassette, whilst the log fire is slightly larger, something to remember and measure when you make a custom made wooden casing like I did, have a look here: An electric fire lace for my home

For Spring I want to give the fireplace a lighter and Summerly look and repainted the top of the wooden box I made in the same colour as the bench and wall. I changed the wooden log for the metal plate and covered it in white pebbles I ordered online. I was actually looking for flat river pebbles and a slightly even more minimal look, but they are hard to find now all stores are closed. For now I love the result and especially the versatility of the Dimplex Optimist cassette. I still have a few other ideas on how to integrate it at home and will of course keep you posted.  

A new look for my electric fireplace | Dimplex Spring update


Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Dimplex is a leading producer of attractive electric fires, and has many unique designs to its name. Although Dimplex fireplaces are electric, they offer more by creating the illusion of a life-like fire: from a fascinating flame effect, glowing logs and the crackling sounds of wood to little sparks that seem to fly. In my Instagram highlight I posted a few stories where you can see and hear it in full action. 

The Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500 I chose, produces flames made of pure water vapour and LED light. This model does not give of heat, and you can even touch the flames while creating that cozy feeling including the sound of a real fire, you can also switch of the sound in order to just enjoy the flames.

Suitable for installation projects and designed to fit into a custom-made frame or fireplace. All it needs is fresh air to circulate which is needed in order to produce the flame effect. The Cassette has an easy-fill water tank, again have a look at my stories, that offers around 8-10 hours of continuous operation before refilling is required. Visit Dimplex for more info and many other fireplaces. 

Written in collaboration with Dimplex 
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